Writer’s Block or Poor Planning?

I don’t suffer from writer’s block. I suffer from lack of planning. When I find myself confused, numb, or just not knowing what to write, I do one (or more) of several things.

1) make my outline more in depth

2) brainstorm disasters that could logically follow from what I have just written

3) ask if someone has acted out of character

4) revise what I have written, taking a different angle

5) write something I think is stupid, knowing that I can alter what I’ve written but can never edit a blank page

6) try writing the next scene and then go back and fill in the blank

7) change point of view and choose a new goal that is vital to that new character

8) introduce a new arc, subplot, or character

9) change focus to a different arc, subplot or character

10) have my viewpoint character review what has happened so far, restate his/her goal, and choose a short-term plan of action to reach that goal

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