April Fool’s – 10 Things “To Do” with Your Story

Some WONDERFUL ideas for your book. (some exceptions apply)

  1. Don’t know what to write? Just cut and paste from your favorite book.
  2. Bored with your main character? Change his name half-way through the book.
  3. Hate your bad guy’s guts? Kill him off in the second scene.
  4. Word count too short? Add random scenes to flesh it out.
  5. Word count too long? No one cares how the book ends. Cut it out.
  6. Don’t feel like meeting that deadline? Then don’t write!
  7. Not enough sizzle in a genre romance? Make it a harem.
  8. Too little suspense in that thriller? Give the detective a Tahiti vacation.
  9. Bored with fantasy worlds? Make it an all-human cast with identical sociopolitical values and views.
  10. Need more back story? Just do an “As you know, Bob…” info dump.

Add your favorite ideas here…

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