In Health and Sickness

Flu Wiki logo
Flu Wiki logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As nasty as a stomach flu can be, it reminded me of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep! Eat! Exercise! And I add medication, therapy, and meditation to my list. Oddly enough, the eating is the thing I forget to do unless I am out and about. And meditation. It’s a bore but it helps center me when there’s too much coming at me. But keeping a healthy lifestyle is key to keeping a healthy mind and body — which makes the hassle worth it to me because I can then work and play with the best of them. Or at least the best of me. So keep healthy because I’ll keep writing… in sickness and in health.

p.s. An unlooked for benefit of having a mental illness is that I have to take extra care to live a healthy lifestyle. So people like me may have one up over the neuro-typicals in at least one regard. Maybe…

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