elemental flight (poem)

from Karina Meneghini on Pintrest

This is in response to a poem by MesAyah on WordPress

elemental flight

having gone too far, the wings

pierce sunshine, disappearing into

a dandelion that rests in the still pool

which curves across the sky as it waits

to rejoin the sea; and pinioned shepherds

of fleecy clouds shade their eyes, placing

friendly bets on when that foolish bird

will wilt but, still, not a one sees me

tumble out the other side and into

shimmering celestials where

the touch of fresh freedom tastes

like tangy pineapple juice on my skin,

and feathers sing as i zip past that zodiac,

i skip through chaotic simplicity like a stone,

the orbiting constellations embed themselves

in shining, streaming strands of braided hair,

colorful comets dance at my feet and i wrap

myself in Cosmos and utterly dissolve,

becoming one with unbounded Life


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