The Light Side: Unleash Your Writing Potential (Sahasrara)

The Sahasrara, symbolised in Ayyavazhi as 'Lot...
The Sahasrara, symbolised in Ayyavazhi as ‘Lotus carrying Namam’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An abstract post, but then it is a very abstract subject –
especially this chakra. For each topic, I will pose a question, then
offer tips on better behaviors and better thoughts.

Everything leads to Sahasrara, the chakra point at the top of your head. This may be why the point represents origins, recognition of truth, and the different levels of concentration.

“At the crown
chakra level, the cosmic self opens to the Source, unites with cosmic
principles, and governs the entire universe within the body. The
crown chakra is associated with universal knowledge and spiritual
understanding.” (Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., Chakras as
Psychic and Energetic Centers)

  • Genesis:
    Where does your need to write come from? Needs are often
    multifaceted things so don’t stop when you come up with a single
    answer. A need is a recurring craving, a demand. Even if it isn’t
    felt for a time, it always returns. And it is strong. Once you put
    words to your need you will have a nearly bottomless source of

  • Truth:
    What basic truths do you tell through your writing? Your beliefs
    manifest in what you write, whether you do this consciously or
    unconsciously. Think about what you believe (and don’t believe) so
    you can send a clear message to the reader. The romance genre is the
    most obvious example of this but another example is the line between
    right and wrong. Be aware of your own beliefs and your writing will
    become more clear. If you have trouble figuring out what you
    believe, look for patterns of behavior and attitude in your
    protagonists and antagonists.

  • Concentration:
    In what settings do you concentrate best? Don’t let your mind
    wander but don’t try too hard to push everything else out. You never
    know what thought will be your next inspiration. Be in the present.
    Simply acknowledge strong emotions and desires with out dwelling on

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