The Light Side: Unleash Your Writing Potential (Ajna)

Third eye
Third eye (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ajna is in the brain, above and between the eyes. The word means “command” or “summoning”. It is also known as the Third Eye chakra, the point of intuition and the three levels of consciousness. It includes what is imagined, thought, and dreamed. Hindi believe that if you develop and trust in your sixth sense, it will lead to fearlessness.

  • Intuition: How do you use intuition in your writing? Intuition is the insight to the outside world. Sometimes we make choices to add or remove something based on gut feeling rather than a clear vision. Chances are you noticed something was right (or wrong) in your WIP even though you can’t quite put your finger on it. These urges do not come out of nowhere. You are subconsciously processing.

  • Creativity: What do you do to boost your creativity? Creativity is insight to mental constructs – such as images, relationships, rules. Ideas in the broadest sense. You take standard ideas and put them together in unusual and unexpected ways. You make and follow connections from one idea to the next. This is why concentration is so important. And sleep!

  • Conscience: How do you think about your conscience in relation to your writing? Your conscience is insight into yourself – your beliefs about yourself, mental constructs, and the world around you. In regards to your writing and your writing career, it can guide you. Not the can. You have the freedom of choice, your conscience is a guide that you can follow, inform, or ignore.I suggest taking some time to think about how well your current practices and trajectory match your beliefs.

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