The Dark Side: Fight Your Negative Emotions (Talatala)

Confusion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Talatala. it is located in the calves, and it is the home of prolonged confusion and instinctive wilfulness.
  • Prolonged confusion and Instinctive willfulness: Neither of these states is comfortable. Both create conflict and discord. Both are destructive to your peace of mind and your ability to write. But at the same time, neither is intentional and so they are difficult to fight. They have their source in conflicting needs or wants. This contest can involve another person, but this blog refers to these states as internal.

  • Be Reactive: Choose how you react! The first step is to identify the opposing forces. Usually one side is easy to identify while the other is more difficult to name. Simply putting a face to the two forces can ease some of your tension. Depending on the problem, it may even solve the problem because you may see a clear “right” answer. You have a future and keeping in mind where you want to be in five or twenty years with your writing may also solve the problem. But other times it is not so easy.

  • Be Proactive: Change how you act! Now that you have identified the competing needs, think of how you can meet each need. These paths may seem mutually exclusive. No wonder you are feeling confused or stubborn! List the benefits and drawbacks to following each course of action. Then look at the benefits of both and look for a third course of action that can give you all the benefits. Another person’s opinion can be very helpful here because you are in turmoil and may not be able to look at the problem objectively. If a third path cannot be found, go back to the cost-benefit analysis, keeping in mind the personal factors such as conscience and intuition. It may be that you want to take the easier path but the harder path is the one that is more “true to you”.

3 thoughts on “The Dark Side: Fight Your Negative Emotions (Talatala)

    1. Thank you! I think it important to understand what you feel so you can deal with the emotion(s). I feel prolonged confusion and instinctive willfulness are often avoided because they deal with competing needs and wants.


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