The Dark Side: Fight Your Negative Emotions (Sutala)

Sutala. Located in the knees, it governs jealousy.

Iconic Emotions: Jealous
Iconic Emotions: Jealous (Photo credit: Samit Roy)



  • Jealousy:
    Jealousy is directed at another person who has something you want.
    The negative aspects of the emotion are more complicated, but that
    is its two core components.

  • Be Reactive:
    Choose how you react! First consider the inner element: what you
    want. What are you jealous
    This will identify your need. Then consider the target of your
    jealousy. Why are you jealous of
    person when he or she is not the only one with that
    success/object/etc? Answering this question will probably reveal
    that this person has several attributes or possessions that you want
    – not just one.

  • Be
    Change how you act! Feeling jealous and acting jealous are two
    different things, but why do either if you don’t have to? You know
    it isn’t the other person’s fault and you know not to take it out on
    him/her. Look at this as a challenge to you to be the next (or
    tenth) person to earn that achievement. If you want it enough to be
    jealous, then it surely is worth working hard for. Then people can
    be jealous of you! (Just joking, really!)

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