The Light Side: Unleash Your Writing Potential (Manipura)

Manipura means “city of jewels”. It is found in the solar plexus.

  • Manipura chakra
    Manipura chakra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Intent: What are your goals for yourself and your writing? Intent is the plan, while motive is the reason behind intent. To have a motive is to have an unmet need. Don’t let the unmet need stagnate when you have the ability to create goals that can meet these needs. This is what your characters do; learn from them.

  • Initiative: Goals are not enough to satisfy an unmet need. Just as your story won’t move forward until your character acts on his goals, your life won’t move forward until you act on your own goals. Initiative demands a certain willingness to take risks because whether you succeed or fail, there will be change. Taking the step forward requires some degree of willpower, dynamism, and energy.

  • Service: What do you contribute through your writing? Writing is a form of communication, even when no one else sees what you write. When writing is shown to others, more than words are shared. Your words have the potential to add to a reader’s experience, whether through small pleasures or in life-changing ways. Admittedly, most writing has an effect somewhere in-between on the spectrum of importance to the reader’s life. But you do affect others through your writing. Decide how you want to do this and think of ways you can do so more effectively.

One thought on “The Light Side: Unleash Your Writing Potential (Manipura)

  1. C’mon. Everyone knows that the Dark Side is where it’s at. They even have cookies! 🙂

    …seriously, though: great article. I look forward to reading the rest of the set.


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