The Dark Side: Fight Your Negative Emotions (Atala)

The Atala is located in the hips. It controls fear and lust.

Lust (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)
  • Fear and Lust:
    want to gain or avoid something. Instinctive. Fear is distress
    caused by a threat (or perceived threat). Lust – and I’m
    emphasizing the nonsexual sense because we are talking about your
    potential – is a craving for something. Both are

    powerful desires for something that can cause you to neglect
    important activities.

  • Be Reactive:
    Choose how you react! Starting with fear, are you paralyzed or can
    you still function? Is the fear reasonable? Since we are talking
    about fear in regards to writing, maybe it is reasonable but it is
    still holding you back. Recognizing you are afraid is the first
    step. The second step is putting words to what you are afraid
    I think that only then can you mount an efficient offense. For
    lust, is this lust or jealousy? Lust is for a person, object, or
    abstract without the negative emotions. Is lust for a prize
    preventing you from moving forward or is does it motivate you? If
    there are no negative effects on your life, there may be no problem.
    But if you are neglecting (especially for a long time) other areas
    of your writing or your life, there needs to be a change.

  • Be
    Change how you act! Target the area of neglect. Set aside time for
    that activity – as much time as you can so you have time to
    overcome inner distraction. If you feel you can’t write, write down
    “I can’t write because…” Talk about what is distracting you.
    True, this is not your WIP but it is still writing. You are still
    practicing writing skills. If the fear or lust is really strong,
    look for ways to incorporate an aspect of this preoccupation into a
    main character – or even better, different facets into different
    characters (desire for social recognition, fear of failure). Then
    you have the start of a theme and deeper characters. Imbed examples
    of fear or lust throughout your WIP. If you can, have it affect the
    important decisions made by your characters. Before you know it,
    you’ll be writing again and processing the emotion.

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