The Light Side: Unleash Your Writing Potential (Muladhara)

English: Muladhara chakra
English: Muladhara chakra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Muladhara is
at the base of the spine. Awakening begins here for every other major chakra point.

  • Physical Nature:
    You are human. You have a physical body. You know all this. Because the health of your body affects your mental state, your memory, your creativity, and your longevity, you need to take care of it. When you neglect your body, these other areas suffer. We know this, too, but we are all neglectful from time to time.

  • Physical
    : How seriously do you take your physical health? For
    many, the answer is “not very, but I know I should”. Sleeping
    regular hours is important. Sleeping enough hours (enough for you)
    is important. Eating the right foods is important. Eating the right
    amount of food is important. Exercise is important. Different types
    of exercise have different benefits. To unleash your potential as a
    writer, you need to juggle all this, along with your writing and the
    rest of your life. I recommend one goal a month with some sort of
    accountability program. It is possible to do most of this most of
    the time. If you have a physical condition (and mood disorders are
    included in this category) then it becomes even more important.

  • Mental health:
    How seriously do you take your mental health? For the neuro-typical
    person, mental health is often neglected. Most of the chakra
    articles touch on healthy (and unhealthy) mental states. But
    something that was only implied in all those articles is the
    importance of being “grounded”. This requires awareness and
    comfort with yourself, your world, and your writing. Some
    increasingly popular ways to “ground” are meditation, yoga, and
    certain marital arts such as tai chi.

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