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Sitting here
Takes the time away.
And as time slips, I focus,
Only to become lost in thought.

I cherish this moment,
Steeped in blissful quiescence.
For at this time,
I am not weighed by labels.

At this time,
I am neither student nor boyfriend
Nor the son of my parents, nor Indian
I am human, I am alive.

Reality pervades in intervals, though.
Bringing with it the sum of my problems.
In waves of fractured glass, I am submerged,
Immersed in reflections
And for those moments
I merely exist among myself.

But like the ocean, reality recedes
I stare as it makes its way back into its crevice
As a result, reality becomes clear
I become filled with understanding.

Beginning to lose focus,
Slipping back into objectivity.
As tenses begin to make sense
I tense and assume the proper pretense

Until the next moment comes.reader_by_ka_92-d4qvxtr

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