A Question for My Readers

Now that I have passed the 100 post mark, I think you and I have a feel for my posting style. What changes would you like me to make? For instance…

  • I’ve noticed that many blogs write without bullets, in a more essay-type format. Would you prefer this?
  • Am I posting to frequently? By posting a main article and a side note every day it may be difficult for you to keep up.
  • Have there been some topics or that you especially enjoyed? I’m nowhere close to running out of ideas but it is important to me that I cover topics that interest you.
  • Do you prefer one-shot posts or the series that extended over several days? One gives breadth while the other offers depth.
  • Would you like to hear more from other bloggers and have a chance to see your perspective voiced here? I try sporadically to bring other voices to the afternoon posts. I’d like to know if I should be trying harder or if it is a wasted effort.
  • Would you like me to be more personal? I tend to keep my life private but research is showing me that there is an increasing trend towards sharing of private life. I’m willing to share personal experiences with you if that will make you feel more connected and the topics more relevant.

Any other suggestions you have would be appreciated. Now that this blog has been established, I’d like to connect with you better. But I need your help to do so!

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