Upcoming poetry event

I’m excited about the approaching poetry sharing event! It is a chance for readers to become writers and share their struggles, encouragements, and thoughts about a problem that plagues writers of every media and genre.

I worried that people would not take this chance. I worried that when the day came, I would have nothing to give you. But entries are arriving every day. I hope that some will resonate with you, whether or not you are struggling with writer’s block at the moment.

None of the poems submitted so far actually use the words “writer’s block” but they touch on many of the emotions that surround the issue and the overcoming of it. Loneliness, frustration, chance, tranquility, and inner peace. These are some of the emotions that will be explored on June 1.

The poets come from very different backgrounds. One poet is a stay-at-home mom currently recovering from an automobile accident and is dedicated to spreading messages of hope and encouragement. Another poet teaches Buddhism and works with inmates across the world. A third poet writes Neo-Victorian style poetry in the genres such as steampunk, romance, and Christian. The forth poet whose poems will appear on June 1st is a prolific poet from India.

I hope you will give back to the poets who are sharing their poems with you. I know they are waiting for you. All the poets who submit to this event want to communicate. Communication can be one-way but it is so much more fulfilling when the conversation becomes two-way. You can do this through “Likes” and “Comments” for the poems that stir a reaction in you. The poets who get the most “likes” and “Comments” will receive a Sunshine Award. So not only are they giving to you, you have the opportunity to give back too!

These people are being very brave to put their work out for strangers to read. And “writer’s block” isn’t the easiest writing prompt. But they are rising to the challenge. It would be great if you rewarded them for their bravery. And if you want to join their ranks, the doors are still open through June 6th!

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