From Seed to Tree


Her eyes see plenty
even in the simplest of things
flowers and road maps on petals
forming patterns like wings.

The base of the stem
along with it’s many leaves
traveling onto the warm soil
in which it continually feeds.

Thirst quenched by the care taker
she feeds them each day,
as she approaches her garden
there is much more to say.

She gracefully walks over
certain expressions form on her face
appearing slightly tense while calm
welcome to her sacred place.

Her eyes scan the area
breathing in sighs of a certain relief
inhaling compete admiration
now validating all of her spiritual beliefs.

She touches the fruit tree
following all it’s curves and branches
Several plantings representing
painful circumstances.

This one particular tree
completely nourished from seed
thoughts lead to reminiscing
pausing now thinking of unmet needs.

But as the fruits begin to drop
a “hush”suddenly calms her mind
no need for fear
realizing she content now,
by just being right here.


Gina Quarles Encouragement, Hope & Inspiration

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