A Mother’s Worth


Just how do you determine a mother’s worth?

Extracted and purified from the salt of the earth.

Worth far more than mountains made of the purest of gold.

Her heart holds infinite treasures yet to behold.

She will bear the pain of her children so they will feel nothing.

Forsake herself to assure theirs will come to mean something.

Put herself in harm’s way of the blows that life often deals.

Putting herself last constantly of her own free will.

Undeterred, she will keep doing it and doing it and doing it again.

If on her very life yours should depend.

Will go on undaunted, tirelessly to put food on the table.

Keep going and going for however long she is able.

Her feet start to hurt from all the years of standing.

How she does it requires nothing short of divine understanding.

Then one day those legs buckle and finally give out.

Hoping you have seen through her struggles as to what life is about.

Mothers are quite exceptional oh, there’s no doubting that.

A keen sense of awareness it may seem as to know where you’re at.

Sight unseen oftentimes they are really never far.

They seem to know astonishingly how you are feeling and just where you are!

They seem to feel sometimes what their children feel.

Can sense something is bothering you is quite surreal.

The day will come when it is time to leave the nest.

Rest assured this is one of life’s greatest and painful tests.

You restrain yourself as you leave for you hate to see her cry.

As to all the things she has been feeling, well now you know why.

You would never have thought it could be this hard to leave.

You are her child and to you she will always cleave.

You close the door softly and it is time to depart.

You are now off her lap and now on her heart*

Written by: Murna Safford


2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Worth

  1. Hold my mother in the same regard. Love this and hits home! Everyone should feel this way and love the way you write!


  2. A true tribute to all the Mothers who legs have given out after tirelessly standing for whats right and their families.


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