Dare to Write Bad

Scribble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One great fear of writers is that they will write something bad. I say “Write away!”

  • Practice: To write well, you first must write badly. Writing is a skill that can be improved only through practice. Bad writing is writing where you make mistakes. A diligent writer will learn from those mistakes and gradually stop making them. That you know your writing is bad means you have a feel for the criteria of “good” work but didn’t quite make it this time.

  • Edit:Many first drafts are read badly. Good writing often comes through edits. Plan to revise and you can write as badly as you need. The important thing to remember is that you cannot improve a WIP that has not been written.

  • Create: There’s a need that drives any piece of writing. By writing something, even something bad, you are making, creating, doing. Even if you don’t dare show it to anyone else, it was worth the time and effort it took to express yourself.

  • Flow: You write what is on your mind. By writing, you put those thoughts into words. Sometimes the flow is the goal, rather than the aesthetic quality of the work. And who knows? The bad writing may trigger a great work, a healing, or a personal revelation.

  • Critic: Maybe the finished product is not as bad as you think. If you are your own worse critic, then it might be a good idea to show the (polished) product to someone you trust to kindly analyze it. Even if it is awful, a kind critic will find the nuggets of goodness inside.

2 thoughts on “Dare to Write Bad

  1. What a great post! I also just read you Guest Post on Wendy’s Blog as well. I’m also one of the winners of *The Top 7 Inspiring Blogger Award* for my very 1st *Little Blog that Could* http://www.simplesite.com/CatherineLyonAddictedtodimes But when my book came out as an eBook for Kindle readers, I had to move it so others could follow my Recovery Posts. So sorry about your accident. But I agree with about sometimes, a Life Event can make us find what OUR TRUE PASSION In LIFE really is. The same happened to me after a few years of Recovery from addiction. I’m happy your mending, both physically and spiritually, and your writing! Much success to you, and Blessings! Catherine Townsend-Lyon


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