Writing scares me a little


It’s funny but writing scares me a little. Making something and then sharing it is scary. Not everyone is going to like it and no matter how much work and love I give it, it might not be very good. But making something and loving it is worth it. A book is like a child, totally dependent at first but one day it will grow up and have to stand on its own. I want to give it everything it needs and wants before that time comes. After it grows up, it won’t belong to just me anymore, it will belong to everyone. That makes me happy and worried and excited. I can’t wait but I also want to keep it all to myself. Is this weird?


3 thoughts on “Writing scares me a little

  1. No, not so weird. What you are saying in this post is fairly normal, according to my many author friends. I felt much of what you are expressing here when I recently published my first book of poetry (Echoes,Neo-Victorian Poetry). Now it’s out there in other hands, as am I in a very big way. I wrote in my blog about the vulnerability I felt once it was published. I have also discovered that Echoes being “out there” is also an exciting experience, and I feel somewhat legitimized in having a printed book. I hope that you learn to enjoy sharing my poetry, even though you might still brace yourself a little in advance of expected criticisms. Let me know when you’ve published. I would love to read your work. 🙂


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