To: Writers (From: Readers)

Gel pens
Gel pens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A reader of this blog made the comment that just as writing tethers the writer to other people, writing also tethers other people to the author. It works both ways. I’ve been thinking about this and decided to form my thoughts into two blogs: what writers give readers and what readers give writers. Today: what readers give writers of any kind.

  • Entertain: Yes, readers entertain writers. We love to design adventures for others to enjoy. Almost nothing is more fun than a reader in tears of sadness or laughter. Or a reader who is sleep-deprived because they couldn’t put our book down.

  • Educate: Having readers encourages writers to educate themselves. We learn more about the world so we can more accurately represent it in our books. We learn about nature, cities, the legal system, and people (just to name a few). We learn how to convey our ideas more clearly.

  • Feel: Readers encourage writers to feel. Yes, the path to publication and growing readership is strewn with all kinds of emotions. But every writer is encouraged to feel and think about how feelings work so the reader can have a more intense and vicarious experience.

  • Challenge: Readers definitely challenge the writer. Reach more people. Become more skilled in the craft. Invent new ways to surprise and delight. Produce new material. Keep the reader engaged. Lead the reader where you want the reader to go. So many challenges!

  • Empower: The reader empowers the writer. Every time a book is read, a writer becomes someone who matters. Because of readers, a writer can become an agent of change, a therapist, a philosopher, a giver of escape, a maker of opportunities. And readers validate the writer’s efforts and existence.

  • Create: Readers give writers a reason to create. Yes, we would write anyway. But having readers means being subject to expectations and most people try a little harder when there are expectations to fulfill. Writers write a little better when there is someone to impress. Writers write a little faster or more often when someone is waiting to read the next installment.

3 thoughts on “To: Writers (From: Readers)

  1. Great article – I’d like to reblog this and your next one if you don’t mind my little fire breathing feathered friend (never knew a dragon had feathers until I saw your name, or is that a plume of smoke from the fire breathing?)
    Please let me know about the re-blogging…
    Chris 🙂


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