Remind Yourself You’re A Writer

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Remind Yourself You’re A Writer

 by Alina Chase

If I popped over to your house for an unexpected inspection, would I find any evidence that a writer lives there?

Assume I’m not totally rude.  I’d call from the cell phone, give you at least 10 minutes to stack mail and swipe countertops.  Then what would I find?  (Forget the unmade bed or the hairball the cat just expelled.  Housekeeping is not the point; you’ll find those things at my house too.)

Would I find books, lots of books, on bookshelves and tables and stacked precariously by the bedside?  Would I find semi-moldy encyclopedias and more dictionaries and thesauri than any sane person should own; possibly a redlined manuscript on dining room table?

Whether your office is in some forlorn upstairs bedroom or in the south wing of a mansion, evidence of your love of books and writing will naturally migrate.
Unless you’re a closet writer, hiding all evidence of your passion, even from yourself.
Come out and join the ranks of the hopefuls!  Mess the place up a bit.  At least leave a classic book open to a tasteful passage on the coffee table—to remind yourself that you could be writing the next classic.

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