Write Early


English: Brown Fish owl, Ketupa zeylonensis. മ...
English: Brown Fish owl, Ketupa zeylonensis. മലയാളം: മീൻ കൂമൻ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Write Early

by Alina Chase

Note how many famous authors begin writing early in the morning. OK, maybe they don’t have stressful day jobs or hyperactive toddlers competing for their time and attention. But wait–if they’re free to set their own schedules, why aren’t more authors night owls?

How often do you read an interview that says an author begins writing after dinner and works until the wee hours? And have you ever read advice that, assuming you have a choice, recommends writing late at night

Hmmm. There must be something to this morning thing.

And you do have a choice. Get up an hour early. Tomorrow.

You’ll be fresh, not stressed. The house will be quiet. And you will not have had all day to compile a laundry list of excuses for why you can’t or don’t want to write.

As alien as this schedule may feel at first, you may soon discover, as so many writers have, that your most brilliant sessions begin while morning coffee is still brewing.

One thought on “Write Early

  1. Great article.

    I always write early in the morning–I get up at 3am (really) and write for about three hours before I have to leave for my muggle job. While I prefer to be a night owl, it just isn’t practical right now. The house is very quiet that time of day, and the muse can easily be heard.


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