Need for Enthusiasm in Writing

20091031 - Dethklok concert - GEDC0746 - ragin...

Whether you are writing for yourself or for an audience, I think one key to success is to write what you want to read. This means having enthusiasm, passion, and curiosity. When one of these feelings wanes, you can dig deep for another and stoke the fires.

  • If you want to read your WIP, you are more likely to finish the first draft. After all, you want to know what happens, right? For now, just get those ideas down on paper.

  • If you are enthusiastic, you are more likely to do thorough revisions. Your desire to make your work as close to your idea as possible virtually requires revisions – whether you do those revisions as you go or as multiple drafts. The less your enthusiasm for seeing your idea in its pure form, the more likely you are to makes short-cuts.

  • If you want to read it, other readers like you will want to read it. After all, there other people who enjoy the books you enjoy.

  • If you are enthusiastic, your enthusiasm will come across to your readers. Enthusiasm for your idea can come across in creative action scenes, resonant reaction scenes, colorful characters, and rich details.

  • If you want to write it, it is probably worth writing. As a reader and writer, you have an innate sense of what makes for a “good” story”. Trust those instincts. It may need revisions to highlight the best elements but the uncut gem is in your good idea.

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