A Writer’s Perfectionistic Streak

Practice Makes Progress
Practice Makes Progress (Photo credit: Mary_on_Flickr)

I guess there is a bit of a perfectionist in every writer. After all, our words seldom (or never) come out right on the first try. The brilliant idea looks a bit lack-luster on the page.

Perfectionism can be crippling. Some writers stare at a blank page, afraid they will let down their idea, their reader, themselves. These writers fight a loosing battle with their inner critic. Too much of this and the idea and the enthusiasm for the idea die.

Perfectionism can also motivate the writer to keep writing. It seems like perfectionists might give more attention to finding just the right word, the right character, the right twist that brings the story alive. A perfectionist won’t settle for second-best. Not for long.

Perfectionism means frustration with anything that comes. It means wondering if anything you write is good enough.It means a finished product that doesn’t match your ideal.

Perfectionism sounds an awful lot like a writer’s inner critic. Maybe they should be treated the same?

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