Personal Philosophy: Ideas and Ideals

Genre cinématographique : espionnage
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Your writing philosophy is more than a statement. It is a collection of personal truths and beliefs. Some are about your writing – why you write in a particular genre or genres, what topics and themes you want to address, and what you want your story world to be like. Part of your philosophy should concern your readers – what you want them to say about your books and what sort of relationship you want to have with them. And part of your writing philosophy is about yourself as a writer – your priorities, your conduct, and your lifestyle. We’ll look at these issues over the next several days.

Even if you already have a writing philosophy, it is worth your time to examine it again. Over time, you change, your writing changes, and your life changes. This means your writing philosophy may need to change too.

If you do not have a concrete writing philosophy, there are several benefits to having one. First, you will know where you are headed and why. Second, a record of your writing philosophy gives you something to go back to when you are feeling underwhelmed, overwhelmed, or simply not motivated. Finally, it gives you a way to explain to yourself and others why you write – what you give and what you get.

Over the next few days, I’ll give you ideas to think about but no template. This is intentional. A writing philosophy is unique to each writer. Not only are your ideas about your writing unique, your way of expressing your philosophy may be unique as well. A poem, a collage, a certificate, a list? There are many ways to record your resolve.

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