Personal Philosophy: Priorities

The Grandstand at the Roger Bannister running ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      No series on personal philosophies would be complete without a look at priorities. Priorities help you get on track, stay on track, and even find the track in the first place. Your priorities reflect both your ideal and your actual creative life-style. Your choices affect both long-term and short-term creativity, productivity, and stamina (some would add sanity to this list).

Sleep may hurt short-term productivity but definitely helps with stamina and creativity in both the short-term and long-term.

Exercise helps with energy for creativity and productivity.

Length of writing session. I am guilty of long writing stints. Only recently have I been learning that breaks actually help long-term productivity and stamina. But I find I go further with my creativity when I set aside long blocks of time. On the other hand, many long sessions hasten burn-out which hurts you in the long-term.

Frequency of writing sessions. Writing more often definitely is a plus for creativity and productivity.

Rest of your life. I’m really bad at this but it is excellent for long-term stamina and creativity. And when you make a point of taking quality time for your family, they are more willing to accommodate your writing schedule.

      What would you add to this list of priorities?

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