Writing Fears: Unbalance your Fears

balance scale

One way to overcome your writing fears is to make sure the benefits of writing outweigh the fears. People tend to think of motivation as coming from the inside or the outside. Motivation also can come from positives and it can come from negatives.

Because this is such a vast subject, but is relevant now, I’m giving an overview today and will discuss them more in depth another month.

  • Positive internal motivation. Remember why you love writing. Think of what you give to others. Writing can be a boost to your self-esteem and reaffirm your self-image. When you face your writing fears, face them with this in mind.

  • Negative internal motivation. You probably feel guilt when you don’t write. There is a gradual loss of skills. You stagnate. You forget (or never find out) what happens next? These thoughts are pretty distasteful – even repulsive – and reminding yourself of this side of writing may be what it takes to get going again.

  • Positive external motivation. Don’t be afraid look to other people – writers, family, friends, strangers – for motivation. I see many people use Facebook for this – posting trials, goals, and successes – and very rarely is do I see negative responses. Other people can offer encouragement, affirmation, and recognition. External motivation can also come in the form of publication and income.

  • Negative external motivation. The desire to not disappoint others or fall short of their expectations may also get you writing through your other fears. This can be an excellent reason to share your writing goals, agree to let people read it when it is done, even simply admit to someone that you are a writer. Also remember that if you do not involve others in your fight against your writing fears, you loose opportunities for growth, expansion, or discovery.

While positive motivations feel better, you may find that you need to make use of negatives too. Keep in mind that in the long run, the positive internal motivators are the most important. So… give it a try!

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