Writing Life: Thankfulness

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Today is not a post about craft but about thankfulness. How often do we take the time to just be thankful for our ability to write creatively?

The ability to create something with words that touches heart, imaginations, and minds is incredible. We transcend the typical and craft something new. We each use our unique experiences, perspectives, and imaginations to create a new piece in the world-puzzle. That piece would not exist without writers. Let’s be grateful to have the imagination, persistence, and creativity of a writer.

The ability to give to others is magic. How often do we think about our effect on the reader during and after he reads the book? Giving is a form of communication, of fulfillment, of trust. We have the opportunity to affirm and challenge the reader’s beliefs about the world. Writing means a chance to fill the emotional and intellectual desires of the reader. And writing gives us the chance at readers who trust us to do these things. Let us be grateful to have readers.

The potential for personal growth is undeniable. Self-discipline comes from writing schedules, independent study, and long-term commitment. Humility come from feed-back, revisions, and rejection letters. Communication skills improve from organizing the words on the page, learning to instill the desired reaction in your reader, and finding your personal voice. Let us be grateful for chances to grow as people.

The ability to craft something unique, giving to others, and personal growth are the three top reasons I am thankful I am a writer. Why are you grateful?

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