December Resolutions (Alina Chase)


December Resolutions

By Alina Chase

December is the perfect time to rethink what we write and why we write and, perhaps, why we don’t write as often or as creatively as our inner critics think we should. Have we lost interest in or outgrown our initial plans and projects, or are we just not prioritizing our time and energy in a way that works best for us?

During the holidays the average American overindulges (gains 5-7 pounds!), overspends (whoa, why did I buy that!), and too many find the season more stressful or depressing than festive. So let’s not wait to make guilt-ridden or stress-induced New Year’s resolutions we probably won’t keep (like adding exercising, dieting and budgeting to our writing to-do lists). Instead, let’s resolve to be brilliant, not average. Let’s use this time to create and test drive writing lifestyle resolutions we may actually keep.

Here are three previous resolutions I made and (mostly) stick with that I hope will jump-start creating your own resolutions:

Resolution #1: Find creative alternatives to attending, organizing or hosting events you dread. (Resolution 1A: Nix the guilt. If it drains your energy, it’s not the right way for you to spend your time! Find new, less stressful ways to satisfy what you feel are family, social or charitable obligations.)

Resolution #2: Vow to maintain or improve your fitness during the holidays. Unless you actually enjoy those sugar highs (and crashes) and turkey-and-stuffing-induced comas, how hard is it, really, to abstain from gluttony? (Going out for a jog is also a healthy excuse to escape family drama.)

Resolution #3: Commit to adding 2 hours per week, all at once or in little chunks, of energizing activity to your life. Reading, hiking, meeting a friend for burritos—whatever makes you happy! Fun time-outs return big payoffs in physical and mental energy. (But about those burritos, see Resolution #2—maybe skip the cheese dip?)

Have fun with this! Take some risks. And by all means share your December resolution triumphs (and what humor you can find in not-so-triumphant attempts at breaking uninspiring traditions) with all of us here at Writer Block. We’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you all a relaxed, refreshing and inspiring holiday season…

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