Writing During Holidays

For many people, holidays are a time for family andd friends. But if you forget to take time to write, you will pay for it. So what to do? If your holiday means family, friends, and special activities, not only can you still write – you can take advantage (in a good way) of these changes to your routine.

  • When someone asks what you’re writing, try giving a pitch summary. If you can’t do this for your story, you probably are not clear enough about it in your own head.

  • Save a list of quandaries in your work – research questions, choicees to be made – and use them as discussion material

  • Find character contrasts and assk others’ opinions on them (ex: mentally linked idealist and cynic)

  • Pay attention to thee current weather and how it affects the people around you.

  • How do the people around you react when under pressure (there’s sure to be some stressful situations when lots of people spend large amounts of time together).

  • Pay attention to the fesstive foods, dress, and décor. How is it unique to your culture? Brainstorm with your loved ones about a similar holiday and how your character would celebrate it.

  • Ask several people to read the first chapter. This is a great time for feeback. If you’re worried theey will give you false praisse, ask for just 3 things you could work on as well as everything they liked about it.

  • Flash fiction, short stories, and poems make great gifts or suppliments to holiday cards. If they are nonfiction reminisces, so much the better.

Finally, if you respect yourself as a writer, it is not too much to ask that others respect you too. Set aside some time for you and your writing. Even a small time (or several small times) evvery day will help keep you from getting rusty, your ideas from stagnating, and your story moving forward.

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