Holidays & Dust Bunnies

By Alina Chase

We set goals and create schedules and strategies to motivate ourselves to write. But none of that works when, deep down, we’d rather be doing something else. Doing important stuff, like putting our feet up after cooking (or gorging on) a holiday meal. Like scouring Best Buy for bargains. Like enjoying a rare day of leisure, contemplating how many dust bunnies constitute a herd (and how many more days we’re willing to watch them multiply before vacuuming).

Until writing pays the rent, let’s not make it “work”. Let’s feel good about investing as much passion in whatever else we choose to do as we will invest in writing, when the time is right. Trust that the right words will appear exactly when they need to be written. And then, of course, motivation is not an issue. We will write, because then writing is what we want and need to do.

I’m writing a book. I’m almost finished. I numbered the pages. Now all I have to do is fill them in.”
Steven Wright, Steven Wright Humor

Wishing you inspiration and energy to fill in your pages…

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