A Year in Your Life: Looking Back

Sunset through the car side view mirror

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

How was your year? Looking back, there’s probably a lot that you did and maybe even more that you wish you did. Every year may be different, but every year is also the same. Your personal choices, your life-style choices, and your education choices in the past year all affected your writing.

Personal choices include relationships, attitudes, and expectations. For example, did you surround yourself with challenging, supportive, and dynamic people? How did you approach the yourself, others, and the world in your attitudes and expectations? These thoughts, feelings, and interactions have a profound effect on how you see yourself as a writer, provide inspiration, and can encourage you in your efforts.

Lifestyle choices include food, sleep, and exercise. Did you avoid “sleepy” foods when it was time to write, sleep regular hours, or exercise during writing breaks? Lifestyle choices make a healthier, more creative, more energetic writer.

Educational choices include formal classes, self-instruction, and real-world observations. Were you open to new information and experiences? Maybe you actively sought it out. Educational choices influence the depth and breadth of what you write.

How do you feel about the past year? Had you thought about how your choices would influence your writing (and other areas of your life)? It is easy when making decisions to not think beyond the obvious and immediate. By looking back at the year, the effects are maybe more apparent and can help you when making new goals.

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