A Year in Your Life: Looking Forward

I’m not much of one for big year-end goals. Instead, every time I reach one goal, I set a new one. But I understand why the start of a new year can mean turning over a new leaf.Your writing will improve, decline, or remain is stasis depending on the choices you make this year.

Personal choices include relationships, attitudes, and expectations. For example, do you have any destructive or draining relationships you want to weaken or end? Do you plan to change how you think about yourself, others, and the world around you? The people in your life this year can provide support, inspiration, and critical feedback for your writing. The tone of your books, the plot, characters, and themes are all heavily influenced by your personal attitudes. Expectations are a great starting pint for goals.

Lifestyle choices include food, sleep, and exercise. Lifestyle choices make a healthier, more creative, more energetic writer. But don’t overdo the changes! I recommend one life-style change at a time. Many changes all at once can be overwhelming unless you are used to the experience.

Educational choices choices include formal classes, self-instruction, and real-world observations. When making new goals, choose learning opportunities that will deepen, expand, or otherwise enhance your writing. Not all formal classes cost money. For self-instruction, there are many, many writing books out there. And real-world experiences can be sought out anywhere and many are free or cost little money.

I love self-improvement. There is hope in the knowledge that I can always improve what dissatisfies me. Even though the possibilities for improvement are dazzling, I recommend starting with only a few goals and then adding a new goal each time one of the earlier goals is reached.

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