5 Ways to Create Fantastical Beasts and Peoples!: Introduction

Flickr Chinese Dragon Year Statue
Flickr Chinese Dragon Year Statue (Photo credit: epSos.de)

In the next six days, I share several ways to create “complete” non-human races. If you hope to create fantastical beasts and characters that have depth and complexity, then you need them to come from a race that has those same traits. If you write fantasy, science fiction, or paranormal, you will need believable creatures to inhabit your world(s).“Formula” seems to be a common complaint about planned writing so I am deliberately taking an opposite approach. We will look at…

  • mythology: look for unusual ideas, common themes, and perpetual preoccupations

  • popular culture: see what others have to say and look for ways to make creatures unique

  • biology: considers how the group (and individual) shapes and is shaped by surroundings

  • anthropology: the study cultures (and subcultures) rather than species

  • Role Playing Games: emphasis on combat

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