Upcoming Contest (poll)

So I’d like to hold a flash fiction contest.

In June, you’ll get a chance to share your FF stories on several platforms, get feedback, and maybe win an Amazon gift card (maybe even signed books, I’m working on that)… Sound fun?

But I’m torn between several themes/topics/scenarios and would really like your input. What kind of flash fiction contest would you like to read or participate in?  Please vote for your favorite option (or add one of your own)! You are welcome to choose more than one option and/or leave a comment to argue your case.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Contest (poll)

  1. It is a great idea, but I TOO would like to enter. I just published my 14th book title, CASINO CHILD; KING OF THE SLOT MACHINES CO 2014. Give me the details and guidelines to enter and where to enter this great contest. I will be getting my final and 15th book published in the fall, and comprises of two lengthy novels; one I had actually written in 1981 at the age of fourteen, but of course, rewritten and revised, but without depleating the story and theme. PLEASE E MAIL ME to send me the proper details and instructions. I would really love to enter. THANKS!
    LAMA MILKWEED L. AUGUSTINE PhD DD author, artist, pacifist leader, religious leader
    I can also be seen on GOOGLE and on AMAZON.COM, GOODREADS.COM and any other foraml book site.


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