Exploiting Anger in Conflict: Vary, Develop, Grow

Coconut  Bites pink (crown on tooth picks) green (witch hat glued to tooth pics)

As with other story elements, it isn’t a good idea to simply repeat yourself when you use anger in scenes. Every scene s should grow one or more characters, character relationships with one anotheer, charactr relationships with the world, physical setting, and possibly the backdrop your story takes place against.

  • Vary your scenes. If it is a situation or issue that angers her, show the gray as well as the black-and-white sides. Show how the problem causes anger (and conflict) in different levels and circles of her life.
  • Develop your character and her relationships with the world around her. Anger is a feeling, an instinctive reaction. What she reacts to and the ways that she expresses, hides, or indirectly shows her anger say a great deal about her background, perceived situation, and personality.
  • Allow your character to grow as a person. As she travels her character arc, the ways she perceives and expresses anger will change
  • Anger can be an outlet for built-up tension and dissatisfaction. Even if the characters are unaware of the underlying causess for their outburst, the reader needs to have some hint.


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