Flash Fiction and Poetry: An Approach

Wear the words you say. Something we should all consider before speaking.(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Both flash fiction and poetry are as much art as communication. Even though they definitely are distinct forms, they overlap in more than a few ways.

  • Brevity. Although there are long flash fictions and poems, both tend to be brief. This is part of the appeal to both readers and writers.
  • Detail. A great deal of information can come through details. At the same time, words are typically scarce, which brings us to the next point…
  • Weight. Because there are fewer words, every word, every detail, takes on added weight, often doing double duty or more.
  • Distilled experience. Both FF and poems often pour life into a crucible and offer only the most emotional intense and relevant elements.
  • Significance. Every piece has a purpose behind its communication and the same is true in flash fiction and poetry. Whether it is to share or make a point, every image reinforces the writer’s goal.
  • Deceptively simple. Both forms often read as though they are easy to write.
  • Style. There is an emphasis of mood and attitude and voice maybe even over plot.

I was interested in finding so many similarities between poetry and flash fiction. Certainly all these points are important in any other form of written or verbal communication but I think it is in flash fiction and poetry that these points are brought into prominance.

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