(Flash Fiction) “The Walk”

The Walk

by Kerry E.B. Black      

They rushed like worker-bees returning pollen-laden to a hive.

“I found the lucky sixpence! Great Aunt Ruth wore it in her shoe when she was married.”

“How long ago was that, Ruth?”

“Forty-two years ago, and” She patted her niece’s hand, “your marriage will outlast mine!”

A glowing smile answered her aunt’s assurance.

“Christine, what do you have that is borrowed?” a relative asked.

A bridesmaid in pink removed a bit of embroidery from an ornate clutch.

“That old thing? Surely we can do better than a ratty old handkerchief? Now ladies, who has something suitable for our bride to borrow?”

Involved in self-important tasks, none but the maid-of-honor noticed the look of hurt brought by this proclamation. She said, “It is the bride’s choice. Christine loves Aunt Mimi’s handkerchief. It’s handmade.” She smiled as relief registered on the dowager’s face.

The fussing revolved about the bride who sat perched in state upon a pink cameo chair, serene smile playing at the corner of her coral-pink lips, eyes glittering with amusement. Her hair twisted in thick curls laden with pearls, diamonds sparkling at throat, ears, and of course upon her left hand.

A blue garter atop silk-stockings, lace pumps on pedicured feet, and the bride looked like a confection in oceans of frothy white silk. “Beautiful” perfume upon her wrist accurately described the veiled lady.

Mother-of-the-bride directed the photographer. Mother-of-the-groom organized corsages and bouquets. She swiveled when she overheard a question.

“How did you two meet, Chrissie?”

Roses resided in her cheeks as Christine related the tale. “At the campus coffee shop, he picked up my Mocha Frappuccino by mistake. He likes Vanilla Steamers.” She giggled. “We talked, and now look at us!” Her eyes twinkled.


A knock set the bridal hive buzzing afresh. A throat cleared, announced her father’s arrival. He tucked her hand into the crook of his arm, covering it with his own. She smiled into his face, a queen at her coronation. Tears danced in his cataract-coated eyes, and they walked to meet her groom.


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