(Flash FIction) “Travel Broadens the Mind”

Travel Broadens the Mind

by Emma Baird

Time travelling was not all it was cracked up to be, Maureen mused to herself.

She hadn’t worked out precision in her century wanderings, so instead of landing up as the Roman emperor’s wife lying on villa balcony eating grapes whilst being fanned by a nubile and oiled slave, say, she’d ended up as an early Christian awaiting feeding to the lions.

And finding herself in Pompeii circa August 79AD had proved a little to hot to handle as well.

Still, practice makes perfect she thought to herself as the Regency rake made his way towards her. Mmm-hmm, very nice indeed. Modern day man hadn’t quite come up to her exacting requirements so she thought she’d try her luck 200 years back or so.

“And you are…?” she asked. “Mad, bad and dangerous to know,” he winked.

Oops. Practice still needed then.


Check out Emma’s blog! http://highheelsandpinkglitter.wordpress.com

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