Writer Horoscope

Aries: You need to develop your protagonist’s romantic opportunities. You need a fun and fresh romantic adventure. Don’t neglect the possibilities inherent in your character’s work life.

Taurus: You need to develop a supporting character’s home life. Don’t forget that realistic characters seek (or have found) a balance between work, play, diet, and exercise. It’s time to review your supporting character’s habits to see what could be fodder for a internal or external conflict that impacts the protagonist, antagonist, or both.

Gemni: You need to work on dialogue. Try adding an attempt at flirtation or seduction. Create a social setting that ups tension, such as a cultural event (music, arts, or festivals for example).

Cancer: Remember that your main character is influenced by spending habits. Consider using a need for money as a motivating factor to get your character to try something or go somewhere new.

Leo: Consider a scene in which a character needs to convey a message. While writing the scene, remember to generate conflict by introducing characters with needs that conflict with your herald and balance the antagonists’ needs with the needs of your plot.

Virgo: Consider writing a scene where your character jumps to a conclusion (maybe even accuses someone) before all the facts are in hand. Remember that the presence or absence of witnesses affects the magnitude of the consequences.

Libra: Your character has a passionate side. This character may sometimes be too aggressive towards people who are on the same side as that character. Many times, empathy suffers when passion rises.

Scorpio: Consider placing your character in the spotlight or a position of importance to make it more difficult for your character to keep certain things private (such as an opinion, relationship, or vice).

Sagittatius: Remember the physical elements of your scene. Go beyond a sensory description of the environment and remember that the body reacts to that environment. Doing so may pull your readers closer to your character.

Capricorn: A choice between two beneficial options is also a dilemma. And it can be a set-up for failure. Consider having your character try for both (or all) that I good and therefore loosing all.

Aquarius: Your character craves peace-of-mind. This quest manifests differently in romantic, business, and friendly relationships. Remember that the feeling of tension often energizes that character to discharge the energy – with mixed results.

Pisces: Strong emotions may divert your character, encouraging a premature showcasing of skills and abilities that are not fully developed. Short-term emotions may also have long—term consequences in professional, financial, or interpersonal situations.

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