What Are Your Writing Preferences?

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Explore your writing preferences this week and then return for the next post to see how your preferences compare to those of other writers.

Writing preferences vary and overlap greatly within the writing community.A ten question survey seemed a fun & brief way to help writers articulate their preferences and then see how they are different yet similar to other writers.

This survey is different from most. Writers are given a question and then can rank four options from “Most Like Me” to “Least Like Me”. This helps avoid the dilemma posed by many multiple choice tests: “what if more than one of these applies?” Hopefully you will find this newer format easy to use.

This survey will be open Sat, January 31 – Sat, Feb 7th.
Results will be posted a week later at my blog on Sat, Feb 14th.

Unfortunately, the survey will not let me export the results of this survey or show you other people’s results as you finish the survey (unlike a poll). Fortunately, computers are wonderful devices so I’ll be running the statistics through an Excel-like program (thus the time delay in giving you the results).

If you have any suggestions for improving this survey (or future ones), I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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