Writing Preferences (Survey Results)

Writing preferences vary and overlap greatly within the writing community. A ten question survey seemed a fun & brief way to help writers articulate their preferences and then see how they are different yet similar to other writers.

And here are the results!

How would you describe your writing process?

  1. Start with an idea and see where it takes me.
  2. Create a few plot points and fill in the gaps as I go.
  3. Write the scenes as they come and organize them later.
  4. Brainstorm, outline, write

How would you describe your writing voice?

  1. Variety is the way to go.
  2. Lyrical is the way to go.
  3. Minimalist is the way to go.
  4. Informal is the way to go.

Where do you get your inspiration?

  1. My imagination.
  2. Other people’s works.
  3. Connecting ideas.
  4. Real life.

Where is the focus of your writing?

  1. Characters.
  2. World-building.
  3. Voice.
  4. Action.

What is your strongest area as a writer?

  1. Voice.
  2. Dialogue.
  3. Setting.
  4. Action.

What do you feel uncomfortable writing?

  1. Explicit sex scenes.
  2. Profanity.
  3. Abuse.
  4. Graphic violence.

How easy is it for you to meet your deadlines?

  1. I adjust my deadlines according to my progress.
  2. I’m finished on time.
  3. I’m late.
  4. I finish early.

What do you tend to refer to in order to learn more about writing?

  1. Fiction books.
  2. Articles & blogs.
  3. Non-fiction books.
  4. Movies.

How do you handle drafts?

  1. I do a few drafts.
  2. I do many, many drafts.
  3. I start several drafts and pick my favorite to finish.
  4. I get it right the first time.

I hope you found these results at least as interesting as I did! Were you surprised by any of it? I admit I thought that in some ways “my normal” was “The Normal” — only to learn that I was mistaken. Thank you very much to those who participated. I hope this survey helps connect writers, show writers where they may differ from the typical, and maybe even suggest unique strengths.

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