Writing Prompt: “Unlucky”

I created this writing prompt, “Unlucky in Life” for a subplot the early middle of a book. An antagonist — especially a more minor one — doesn’t have to be someone out to ruin your protagonist’s chances of happiness. What matters most are not the antagonist’s intentions but the effect the antagonist’s actions have on your protagonist.

Write a scene between the protagonist and an accidental antagonist. In this scene, the antagonist has no idea that what she (or he) says or does is hurting your protagonist’s chances at personal growth or at moving towards a concrete goal.

Want more help? Here are some extra details you can throw in…
  • Use a dark tone
  • The time is just before true dawn.
  • The lighting is soft and may be artificial.
  • Include water in some way
    (may be a physical object, as an image, a sound, an analogy, a memory, etc.)
Still stuck? Here are ideas for action…
  • One of your characters tries to gather or collect something
    (thoughts, information, food, bearings, etc.)
  • Your protagonist ends up surrendering some control to the antagonist
    (may be control of a situation, of a decision, of her life, of an object, etc)

Want to share your own unique writing prompt? Contact us and we’ll post it with your name and a link to your blog (if applicable)!

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