Writing Prompt: “Fissure”

I created this writing prompt, “”Fissure”, for the last section of a book. Character flaws are a powerful way to power the story. Perhaps the most potent type of character flaw is one that appears because of one or more event in the backstory and now is part of the character’s belief system.

Write a scene where the protagonist’s flaw cracks open. Show how her defense mechanisms fail her in a way that foreshadows the final crisis. Instead of taking responsibility for her role, she blames the faults and flaws of others while denying her own.

Want more help? Here are some extra details you can throw in…
  • Your character suspects that she is at least partly to blame but is in denial.
  • Your character’s scapegoat has some of the same problems as your character.
  • The character’s flaw is an attempt to compensate for a perceived weakness.
Still stuck? Here are ideas for action…
  • One of your characters tries to stop a fight
    (either emotional warfare or a physical fight.)
  • Your protagonist ends up sabotaging her own progress, making her the true antagonist for this scene
    (may be progress in the character arc or external plot arc)
  • Your protagonist begins the scene acting confident and self-assured on the outside and ends the scene feeling confident and self-assured on the inside (but falsely so)

Want to share your own unique writing prompt? Contact us and we’ll post it with your name and a link to your blog (if applicable)!

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