Writing Prompt: “Mourner”

I created this writing prompt, “Mourner” for a reflective scene late in a character arc. Late in an arc, the character may still make mistakes but she realizes the role she plays in her choices. She tries to balance — or even counter — the negative in her life with the positive.

Write a scene where the protagonist mourns what has been lost even as she chooses to move into the future. Show her acting to reshape herself into a truer version of her self.

Want more help? Here are some extra details you can throw in…
  • “what has been lost” may be allies, opportunities, or innocence.
  • The time is just after noon.
  • The lighting is harshl.
  • Include wind in some way
    (may be a physical object, as an image, a sound, an analogy, a memory, etc.)
Still stuck? Here are ideas for action…
  • One of your characters tries to reach a place
    (state of mind, physical location, decision, etc.)
  • Your protagonist ends up surrendering some control to the antagonist but realizes what she is doing
    (may be control of a situation, of a decision, of her life, of an object, etc)

Want to share your own unique writing prompt? Contact us and we’ll post it with your name and a link to your blog (if applicable)!

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