Create Magic Sources for Your World

Without a magic source of some kind, curses and rain dances just won’t work. The power behind these spells might never appear in writing but you should know it exists.

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Catharsis for the Reader (Step 4)

Catharsis is the expulsion, repulsion, or purification of toxins and impurities. Emotional catharsis can allow the release and possible transformation of many different negative feelings. These may be toxic emotions built up from real life or emotions instilled by the writer. In Step 1, we looked at various seeds to plant in order to produce […]

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What Flash Fiction and Stand-Up Comedy Have In Common

No, this isn’t a joke. Flash fiction and stand-up comedy have a great deal in common. For starters, both forms are compact surprises. How do they do this?  It’s all in the set-up, the delivery, and the punch. Let’s look at each  in turn… The Set-Up The Set-up answers the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, […]

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