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SUBMISSION CRITERIA: This sandbox is a place for learning and play. This blog is meant to educate and entertain; challenge and affirm. All submissions will considered primarily on these qualities.

This blog can become your sandbox. If you have a book to promote, an experience to share, a lesson to teach, a question to ask… there is space for you in this sandbox.

CONTRIBUTOR PERKS: If you contribute a post to The Writing Sandbox, I will gladly list your contact information on the BOOKSHELF page, along with the title(s) of your blog post. Contributors will be listed first by number of contributed posts and then by date (most recent first). Contributed posts can be re-used on other sites so long as credit and a link to this blog are given.

BOOK PROMOTIONS: I will promote your work if it is published recently (last 3 months) or it is scheduled for release. I will need at least a blurb and purchase info (Amazon or personal website preferred). I will post a list of recent and upcoming releases on a monthly basis. If you want better coverage, I can interview you via email, Facebook, Skype, or some other agreed upon venue. The resulting post would be fair game to use on other sites so long it is published here first and source credit is given if reused.

RESPONSE TIME: 1 – 3 days. I am a writer and I am human. As a writer, I try to limit distractions during my writing time. As a human, I get distracted. If I get distracted by the Internet, I will rely quickly. If I get distracted by my writing, I might not check my messages for several days. Thus the absurd time window.