I am a  writer. I have been building sand castles as long as I can remember. Well, not castles so much as dragons and fairies and talking carpets. These have taken the form of poems, lyrics, short stories, picture books, journals, and novels. lately, I’ve been writing about dragons and about women who fight to protect their people and to find love.

I am a marital artist, too, I guess. I live kung fu the way I live writing. Both are less hobby than lifestyle. Parts of myself I dare not leave behind. I would not be myself anymore if I did so.

I want this blog to become yours. I hope to teach and entertain you. I want to challenge and affirm. If you let me, I’d like to share your lessons, experiences, and advice. If this interests you, visit my contact page.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT

    1. Two Kung Fu teachers started renting mat space at a dojo I was attending. The fluidity of the style really appealed to me so I started copying them… Which caught the attention of the Sifu (teachers). I’ve been training with them in Alabama ever since.


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