Write Dynamic Character Relationships

For those writers who want to improve (or begin to create) dynamic relationships for their characters, here are 4 points to keep in mind.

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Killing Characters

I remember the first time I killed a character. I cried for a day and then resurrected him. I’ve since gotten better at killing them. One of my writer friends once said “I kill people for a living”. I don’t know if she was quoting someone else, but her words stuck with me. She meant […]

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5 Ways to Create Fantastical Beasts and Peoples!: Mythology

English: Stone carvings at St Mary’s church (16) Two more fantastical creatures, perhaps a dragon and a cat(?) standing on its back legs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Myths are found in every culture from Ancient Greece to Pre-Columbian Cuba. Myths are stories of important events and people from the past. Most times these stories have fantastical […]

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