Story Structure: Lock or Key?

…But structure, when used simply as a shortcut can become a lock on our creativity…

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Writing Preferences (Survey Results)

Writing preferences vary and overlap greatly within the writing community. A ten question survey seemed a fun & brief way to help writers articulate their preferences and then see how they are different yet similar to other writers.

And here are the results!

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3 Paths to Holistic Writing

The past two weeks, I have been reading articles on holistic approaches to psychology, martial arts, lifestyle, and medicine. So of course I decided to explore what people said about holistic writing on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the web in general. I found near silence. So I decided to tackle the idea myself. Holistic comes […]

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Writing: Difficult, Easy, or Both?

Today I am reminded of the quote…   “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” ― Thomas Mann Normally, I’m not sure I agree with this. Writing is difficult and easy in turns. For me, it is difficult at the beginning. My mind is very sneaky […]

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Tough Choices: Character-Informed Dilemmas

(Photo Credit: OffGamers) Since we’re talking about choices, we are obviously talking about characters. Regardless of the genre or the specific situation, it is the character who has to make the choice. An easy choice is almost no choice at all. While the specifics change from character to character, every character will have needs and […]

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Productive Pastimes: Take 10

(Photo Credit: Tumbr) By Alina Chase Do you also experience belated ah-ha’s: witty comebacks ten minutes too late or correct solutions to problems as you’re driving home from an exam or business meeting?   This is why taking frequent, short breaks even—or especially—when we’re writing fast and furiously can increase productivity. Our brains keep working […]

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